Tax Extension Deadline 2020

If you need more time to prepare your tax return, you can file for an extension but you must hurry. The deadline for filing a tax extension is the same as due date for filing your taxes. Before April 15, you must file IRS Form 4868 before the tax filing deadline. Filing the form will give you time till October 15 to file your taxes.

However, this only extends the time in which you must file your taxes. You’ll still have to pay your taxes. You can use the IRS website to pay your taxes and same as how taxes are withheld, if you overpay, you’ll get a tax refund.

Filing the Form 4868 isn’t the only wayt to file for an extension. If you use the IRS Direct Pay by the April deadline, the IRS will automatically process your tax extension.

IRS Direct Pay

From the link above, you can reach the IRS’ Direct Pay and begin your tax extension. Keep in mind that Direct Pay isn’t available 24/7. The available hours are:

Monday through Saturday: Midnight to 11:45 PM ET

Sundays: 7 AM ET to 11:45 PM ET

How to file extension with Direct Pay?

Upon getting to the IRS Direct Pay page, click on Make a Payment state the reason for payment as Extension. The tool will automatically apply your payment to Form 4868 and select the Tax Period for Payment as 2019. Click continue, check your given information and confirm.

Now, you need to confirm your identity. You can use your Social Security Number or your ITIN. One tricky part of this part of the Direct Pay is that you don’t necessarily need to enter the tax year for your payment as the tax year for verification. Simply select a tax year to verify your identity.

Once everything’s done in these fields, you can then go ahead and complete the next step and make your payment. As we’ve said, it’s okay if you overpay as you’ll get the rest on your tax refund.


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